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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doreen Conaway, and it is my pleasure to share a little of my journey.  I embarked on my spiritual path as a seeker in the beginning of 2021.  As I delved into the journey of self-awareness, I came to understand that all ailments are a result of unresolved emotions from traumas we have experienced in our lives.  I learned that when we understand the emotional roots of our physical ailments, we can choose to release these stuck, trapped emotions and allow for our bodies innate power to heal itself.  

I have arrived at this phase of my life after a 35-year history in the traditional health care field. I began my career as a biller, moving up to office manager/bookkeeper for Skilled Nursing facilities, rising to Customer Service Manager and finally as a corporate Healthcare Software Instructor. I have witnessed firsthand the deficiencies of our American Health Care system, the ways in which the one size fits all model leaves a void, the over reliance on pharmaceuticals with their compounding side-effects and the heavy toll it takes on the finances of individuals and families.

Witnessing how our health care system fails to meet the wholeness of our Beings, led me to become interested in Holistic solutions to our Health and Vitality versus the band aid approach of pharmaceuticals. The evolution of my career led me to discover other ways to empower myself and others to live in wholeness. Thus, I widened my view for what is available within our mind/body capacity to heal from within.

On this journey of questioning, I discovered QHHT® and the transformative effects it makes possible in the individual. QHHT® is a holistic approach to improved Health and Wellness. It is a tool for calling on the higher self for guidance and clarity. It can help the individual address the wholeness of their health by bringing awareness to the psychic weight holding them stagnant. It can bring clarity to influences of previous lives and the current life’s unresolved issues. You can unlock the stories buried deep within your psyche, become more present with yourself, and release the patterns in your life that no longer serve you.

This journey is about self-empowerment.  I will guide you in reclaiming your power which will allow you to grow and evolve in the wholeness of your soul.  I work with the QHHT® method developed 50 years ago by world-renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to assist in resolving stress, burnout, trauma, ailments and help them to discover their life’s purpose. Allow me to be of service to you on your journey to healing today!

In Love and Gratitude,

Doreen Mary Conaway


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I create a safe space for your transformation, guiding you into the deepest trance state and asking the right questions, alongside your own, to get the most out of your session. When it's all over, you'll feel refreshed and better than you have in a long time.